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More than just a platform

eKomi ‘s core Feedback Services are a business enabler – a full service outsourced provider of feedback capabilities your business requires. Our clients turn to us when looking to shift the burden of responsibility to experts in their field. From the simplest of online reviews to a fully managed and manual survey process with follow-up capabilities and human driven Insights.

Future Proofed Technology Platform

Increase Consumer Trust

Brand Protection

Since 2008 eKomi has built a system of trust and transparency for our clients and their customers. Consumers rely on our logo to understand that the content published by us on your behalf is authentic. Search engines trust eKomi to deliver relevant content and our customers benefit from this relationship through increased organic search relevancy, increased content quality scores and decreased CPC.


Our core service relies on a trained team of Customer Feedback Management professionals that read and manage every single piece of feedback that we gather on your behalf. Using this team to drive additional layers of insight and metadata, eKomi is able to integrate seamlessly into both your operational activities and your Big Data strategy.


Built on a micro-services architecture and fully capable API, eKomi can reduce the cost of integrating the Voice of your Customers and Employees with the rest of your business initiatives. Our customers love the way we can make feedback data part of their daily operations and we’re sure that you’ll be amazed how finally your Big Data strategy will include the sort of Insight that truly enriches your decision making processes.

Your Benefits
Products – Feedback

You are in total control of the tools you need to gather and market trusted UGC. Complete flexibility and an easily customisable interface mean high response rates and lower costs.

Products – Feedback

More than just search engine relevance, our human derived metadata facilitates immediate and actionable insights that your front-line staff can use to directly enhance the customer experience.

Products – Feedback

As an accredited Google, Bing, and Yahoo partner, we're also able to integrate our clients' UGC as seller rating extensions in PPC ads, PLAs and Google Shopping.

Products – Feedback

For on-site R&R solutions, we offer bespoke, in-house solutions and full API support for developers to both import content to ecommerce platforms and corral actionable engagement data.