Major Challenges
Digitally sourced material is an increasing factor in the purchase decision

Trust in branded content and information is at an all time low

From safety features to the connected car, the driving experience is being digitised

Dedicated to Passenger Economy

Connected, shared, electric and autonomous mobility – upcoming technologies are changing the way we move. While the consumer is relieved from the driver's’ seat, and the mobility supply chain is changing from being goods- to service-oriented, mobility enterprises must listen to and engage consumers when presenting them with new technologies, possibilities and services.

A clearly designed system of feedback management along any and all touchpoints, even ones from an external agency, is vital to synchronize and coordinate a seamless multichannel sales, service and marketing experience. With eKomi you can create the enterprise of the future by gaining a global understanding of how your products and services are performing throughout your entire value chain. In this era of disruption, understanding every aspect of your business is significant towards reaching a strong strategic position.

eKomi solutions allow you to:

Generate conversations with your existing customers to track their experience and improve their lifetime value.

Integrate product experience into your product management & production divisions to quickly learn about and react to the strengths and weaknesses of your assembled automotive and mobility products.

Collect and analyze market surveys to keep track of competition and market dynamics while engaging customers to improve brand loyalty.

Build trustworthy customer relationships by experiences content throughout the web to charge your brand, market your products and generate leads for your sales agencies.

Grant access for any of your divisions team members to your central feedback analytics and insights to educate your entire company to customer centricity.

Measure and review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to improve branding and response rates.

eKomi’s customer experience and feedback generation experts are ready to help you maximise the potential of Owner Generated Content.