eKomiValue Proposition

Value Proposition

Why you should choose eKomi

eKomi has its roots in collecting ratings and reviews for online businesses, with E-Commerce platforms and online media as our first customers. Thanks to them and their specific business model needs, our solutions have evolved to be flexible and customizable, while still remaining simple and easy to implement.

Even though today we can address all types of feedback requirements, we consider that our strengths lay in online sales & marketing.

We maintain long years fruitful partnerships with the biggest online players to syndicate your feedback content over our social commerce distribution network, helping you reach your relevant customer audience around the globe.

And we love developing software. The eKomi Cloud is the result of more than 10 years of hard work in setting up a leading global feedback technology. If you ask us, eKomi is about three things:

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Reaching your audience

Reach the highest feedback engagement rates thanks to optimized Smartforms™ and a strong commitment to analytical conversion methodology.

Generate trustworthy, relevant content about your products, services, brand and employees.

Utilize our social commerce syndication network with a vast, international audience reach to strengthen your Marketing efforts.

Interact with your customers at any possible touchpoint online and in-store through a broad variety of feedback collection methods.

Integrate eKomi's feedback cloud with Crossware's dynamic signatures to produce real time 1-click surveys across the entire organization. Make it a part of every conversation.



Adapting to your needs

Implement our modular applications, which are able to adapt to your individual, department-specific, changing and growing feedback requirements.

Choose from many integration options, ranging from a ready-to-use eKomi Feedback Cloud to customized co-located private cloud solution.

Integrate our technology seamlessly into your IT infrastructure thanks to our open API concept.

Simplify your work by centralizing company-wide feedback management in one central application.



Protect customer and internal data

Adhere to domestic and international compliance requirements, Google and search engine guidelines, and consumer privacy laws thanks to our GDPR- and ISO-certified technology that shields you from liability.

Generate trustworthy and authentic reviews through our completely transaction-based collection methods, and ensure feedback integrity through our multiple levels of moderation and management.

Keep your data safe within your own cloud storage by using our secure platform that deploys our technology directly onto your infrastructure.