Major Challenges



One integral customer experience along any online and in-store touchpoints.

Market disruption is a result of many diverse factors. Changing consumer behaviour, upcoming mobile commerce, the innovation of supply chain management, compliance and regulatory pressures, the complexity of omnichannel organizations, data analytics and changing advertising practices all cause a shift in the market dynamics of the retail industry.

While the prevalence of online shopping continues to increase, the in-store shopping experience remains crucial to retailers and their consumer brands as well. Today’s customers expect shopping to be a single experience through seamless and engaging point-of-sale touchpoints, which is why making this a cornerstone of your business strategy, along with a strong focus on closing the loop is vital for success.

Effective user experience management and customer-centricity are key differentiators that enable retailers to cope with the challenges of their industry disruption. The eKomi Feedback Cloud provides a central Experience Management platform where you can monitor, improve and unify satisfaction across all channels.

eKomi solutions allow you to:

Guide purchasing decisions and increase sales by displaying genuine customer reviews within your store.

Optimize the customer journey by using data-driven insights to execute a consistent and personalized experience across all touchpoints.

Syndicate product and seller ratings through our strong commerce network and drive relevant traffic to your online store.

Improve your marketing and advertising KPIs by measuring your media campaign effects on customers and by collecting insightful data on your brand image.

Apply advanced analytics to evaluate and pinpoint particular issues and trends within the retail landscape.

Bring offline retail experiences online and strengthen your reputation by collecting feedback at point of sale on tablets and mobile.

Speak to an eKomi retail advisor to learn about building a feedback system that increases customer engagement externally and targets innovation internally.