Major Challenges
“Energy Shoppers” inflating costs

Dropping Energy Consumption

Poorly Rated Customer Service

Streamlined User Experience - Blueprint to competitive edge

With traditional revenue streams at risk, growth in the utilities industry will depend on the ability to create innovation and to meet the changing expectations of the 21st century generation. Increasing the operational efficiency of traditional business, while enhancing service capabilities and exploring new products, business models and revenue streams characterize the multi-facetted management challenges of the utilities industry.

A powerful feedback management system, streamlining the collection, management and marketing of both customers and employee experience, addresses the essentials of future competitiveness in the utility arena.

eKomi has collected major experience with prominent utility enterprises. Numerous successful reference installations of the eKomi cloud provide us with the experience, technology and convictions needed to equip proven and customized solutions to the future champions of this industry.

eKomi solutions allow you to:

Establish strong social proof to back your marketing efforts by the vast eKomi social commerce syndication network.

Execute organisational change through the eKomi Employee Experience Solution.

Collect vital feedback and retain customers by listening to their needs and using insights to improve the customer lifetime value.

Develop a dialog on social media by using digital marketing methods to give your brand a voice.

Enhance your customer acquisition process by creating a memorable experience that will associate your brand with quality and trust.

Provide structured employees and customers experience analysis to your management improving management decisions and the quality of execution.

Find out how eKomi’s utilities experts can :

reduce the impact of price comparison,

increase customer advocacy and

enable customer-driven innovation.