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Product Experience

Create products that your customers love

Managing product feedback has two major objectives:

1. To give your product management and production fast customer response to improve the product lifecycle and production.

2. Generate authentic consumer feedback about their product experience to be distributed/syndicated to the potential customer audience, to inform future purchasing decision.

By integrating customer feedback management into product management & production you turn product-specific client feedback into an integral part of your product decisions, which results in the creation of truly customer-centric products. Our Feedback Cloud and the clear understanding it grants you around product performance and expectations will allow you to:

- Establish product satisfaction baseline

- Manage and improve your products lifecycle

- Discover potential product features

- Improve product presentation and delivery

- Enrich your product portfolio

- Promote your products through social commerce

Flexible questionnaires integrated seamlessly at any time or touch point generate key insights about your customers product experience and reveal the right decisions to increase product value and to extend your product life cycle.