Major Challenges
Ratings and Reviews are a critical part of the travel purchase decision

Digital disruptors are driving innovation and customer expectations

Customer expectations need to be understood quickly in order to avoid dissatisfaction

Increase your customers' loyalty

The global travel industry has grown tremendously over the last few years due to lower prices in flights, globalization, online services, and personalized experiences. This growth is expected to double in the next 20 years and create an additional 75 million jobs within the industry. Companies such as Airbnb and Google have already taken notice of this growth and are innovating and investing fast to solidify their place within the industry.

Winning over travelers in the future will require great effort. However, the companies willing to learn as much as possible about these travelers will earn long-term loyalty during an exciting time for the industry.

Increased competition, constant evolving trends, and technological innovation has created many issues for businesses in the travel industry. However, companies seeing success are the ones who understand customer habits and tastes and have the ability to customize products, services, and channel strategies despite the diverse demographics.

eKomi solutions allow you to:

Better understand, identify, and focus on the main drivers of value and sources of competitive advantage in your business.

Embrace and execute a customer experience that focuses on personalization, quality, and value.

Power your decision-making using data, driven by people, to implement key findings.

Implement cross-channel customer relationship management solutions (CRMs) while focusing on touch points that will influence the purchasing journey.

Unleash digital word of mouth between consumers when sharing their experience with your product and services.

Ease the pressure of digitalization by turning potential threats of the future into opportunities and learning lessons from the past using customer feedback.

Find out how eKomi’s omni-channel feedback platform can deliver the rich insights your planners crave, whilst giving your customers the trusted content they need.